5 Month Wedding Countdown!

I woke up today and realized I’m getting married in 5 MONTHS. My first thought was, I’M SO EXCITED and my second thought was I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO.

I’ve been pretty successful at sticking to my checklist and meeting my deadlines, but when you are engaged you will think about your wedding EVERY SINGLE DAY until you actually get married. Of course I want my wedding to be beautiful and memorable, but I’m really just so excited to be marrying my best friend. I haven’t talked much about him, so let me give you a little background. Here are a few photos from our engagement shoot that we did in November. If you want to see a million more pictures —> instagram

jodigrayphoto (41 of 76)

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We met in 2011 through mutual friends after I graduated college. Thomas was still in college when we met, so we did the long distance thing for over 2 years before moving in together last May. We have been together for about 3 ½ years and he proposed in September.

The proposal story is kind of funny. Thomas asked me to go to dinner on a Friday night, nothing out of the ordinary, so I asked my friend Dara and her boyfriend to come with us (oops). In hindsight this is very fitting since Dara was the reason we met in the first place (the mutual friend), but Thomas hadn’t told anyone except our parents about his plans. After dinner we were standing around in the parking lot talking and all of a sudden Thomas was on one knee. I was so surprised and overjoyed that I first thought it wasn’t real and then after I realized it was real I still forgot to say yes. I think he was on his knee for a good 30 seconds before I realized what was happening and finally said yes while Dara captured the whole thing on camera.


We are getting married on September 6th in Winston-Salem, NC.

Thomas is really into fitness but he does not really love running. He runs occasionally but mostly sticks to lifting weights and boxing. We love going to the gym and being active together and we also love being lazy together – he loves his xbox as much as I love my DVR/Hulu/Netflix.

I am so thankful to have him as my biggest supporter, best friend, photographer, side kick, and partner in life. Also, Dixie is a total daddy’s girl and is beyond obsessed with him.



Some people tell me I’m crazy for trying to run a marathon two months after I get married, and maybe they’re right, but I have total confidence that I can make it all happen!

Now, let’s talk about what I’m really stressing about:

  1. Tan lines. I’m so worried about this. I tan easily, and I plan on doing a LOT of miles in the sun over the next 5 months. I refuse to spend my summer on the treadmill, but am so worried about having tan lines on my wedding day.
  2. Injuries. If I get injured and can’t run, I really might go insane. Running is my stress reliever AND I can still eat whatever I want without having to worry about that dress being too tight. I can’t diet. It is not physically possible for me to live without cheese and chocolate and butter and ranch and beer. If I feel deprived I turn into a monster. Time to get serious about injury prevention!
  3. Doing too much. I have a tendency to take on too much at one time and then I end up doing 10 things halfway instead of just doing 3 or 4 things really well. If there is a weekend where I need to skip a long run to devote myself to wedding planning, I want to make sure I can prioritize.

It is about to be a very busy, fun 5 months!!

Any similar stories about training during a busy time in your life?

Does your significant other run with you?


About Maddie @ Dixie Runs

I'm Maddie. I'm a long time runner who has finally decided to start training for my first marathon. I do a lot of running with my 3 year old redbone coonhound, Dixie. This blog is about our running adventures and a whole lot more.
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19 Responses to 5 Month Wedding Countdown!

  1. Awwww what a sweet story. I love hearing how people meet and end up together!

    Adam and I are similar in relation to fitness. Adam will run occasionally but he’s into lifting and MMA. If I can get Adam to run one 5K race with me a year it’s a good year 🙂 It’s also frustrating because he can knock out 8 minute pace without even training!

    • Maddie says:

      Same here!! Thomas will go weeks without running and then keep up with me no problem for a few miles. Now that I’m adding a lot of distance I finally have an advantage over him 🙂

  2. Annette says:

    Derek is also really into weight lifting. He waxes and wanes when it comes to running…he is currently trying to get back into it. Poor guy agreed to run a half with me 🙂 Right now I am enjoying that I can do more than him too….but I know he will catch up quick. How do they do it??:)

    • Maddie says:

      I think Thomas will come around and eventually do more races with me. At least I’ll always have someone to lift heavy things for me!

  3. Awww how exciting! LOVE your pics! Seems like it’s really beautiful where you live!

    My boyfriend is really not much into fitness. He used to swim in high school and would really like to get back into it, but, getting to the gym in the morning is a huge challenge so it rarely happens. Not that I can judge – I can’t get my butt up in the AM to go for a short run either! If it weren’t for running, and the structure of being able to set and achieve goals, I don’t think I would be that much into fitness either. Before I started running I didn’t work out much.

    • Thanks girl! We’ve both always been pretty passionate about fitness, but there were times where I got sick of running and began really focusing on strength training but then always switched back. He was the same way and got really into boxing for a few months. I think now we are both finally in a place where we know what works for us and we’re going to stick to that.

  4. Salt says:

    Oh my goodness you guys are adorable! Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I had so much fun planning for mine and especially loved the crunch time at the end. It just gets so exciting! Your photos are so gorgeous.

    Great job keeping up with your training during such a crazy time too. It can definitely be tough! Now I juggle training, work, and being a mom so there’s always something going on. You just find your groove and it becomes almost like second nature. 🙂

    • Thanks!! I think I will enjoy the busy time at the end too. I am so inspired by all you marathon moms out there… I have a while until I’ll be there but it’s nice to know it can be done!!

  5. Molly @ Motherhood and Marathons says:

    Hi! Just found your blog. Congrats to you!! Enjoy every second of this exciting time (I know – everyone says that!) I also trained for a marathon while wedding planning and had the same worries as you. As far as tan lines, I wore a lot of sunscreen and then just went the spray tan route for the actual wedding. Not sure if that would help you if you tan even with sunscreen! You could also get a spray tan and have them fill in the lines and even you out right before the big day 🙂

    Good luck and congrats!

  6. Running tan lines are literally hilarious. Last summer my back looked like a subway system map there were lines going every which way! Good luck with the planning and focus on what is important to you 🙂 We got married in early 2014 and that was the best piece of advice I got.

  7. How exciting! Those last few months of engagement fly by – be sure to savor them!

    Be sure to try on your dress shortly before the wedding! I wasn’t dieting at all before my wedding but I was training for my first half marathon, and when I put on my dress the day of the wedding, it was a bit too big. I kept asking my bridesmaids to make it tighter but they couldn’t – and since it was supposed to be fitted, the extra fabric just bulged awkwardly.

    • Definitely something to think about… training has helped me get to my goal weight and now I just need to keep it here! I definitely want to make sure everything fits perfectly on the big day.

  8. Congratulations!! I kind of like training when life is really busy – it helps me keep everything in order. Work AND dishes AND my run have to fit into my day, so it keeps me from getting lost in one task. Dixie is adorable!

  9. Suzy says:

    Andrew played semi-pro soccer for a zillion years but had a huge ankle injury right before he met me that ended his soccer life. Since meeting me he has run a half marathon and two full marathons, but… he isn’t a runner like I am. He doesn’t love it. He will do it and he appreciates it but he doesn’t live and breathe it the way I do, which I think is a good thing in a relationship. Balance is good. So is cheese and chocolate and ranch and beer.

  10. Aww you two are the cutest!

  11. Ahhhh, this is all so exciting. I got married two and a half years ago, but it still feels like yesterday. And, I can still recall the wedding planning process and buildup to the big day. Just enjoy yourself, first and foremost, and remember that this is YOUR special time and it doesn’t have to be perfect, just you.

    I think you are completely capable of running a half marathon a few months after your wedding. Trust me, you will have a lot of energy and joy, and will need to use it up somewhere. Haha. Are you planning on going on a honeymoon directly after your wedding?

    Tan lines… I had the same concerns because I tan REALLY easily. While I still ran outside, I also laid out more by the pool and wore strapless bikinis and tops as much as possible. It eventually evened things out and you couldn’t tell at all on my wedding day. Plus, for the pictures, the photographers can easily Photoshop and blend the skin tones if there are any hints of tan lines.

    My husband runs on occasion, but he is a little slower than I am, so we rarely run together unless it’s next to each other on a treadmill. When I do longer runs, he will usually ride his bike next to me and keep me company. 🙂

    Enjoy every moment of the wedding planning!

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