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A canoeing “cross training” adventure & 11 miler

Why does every weekend feel like it lasts 5 minutes? I can’t believe it is already Sunday afternoon. Yesterday Thomas and I went canoeing on the New River near the NC/VA state line. I think we started in VA and … Continue reading

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A Friday Confession

Confession: I skipped a run. Yesterday two of my best girlfriends wanted to meet up after work and I struggled with the decision – should I indulge in some wine and much needed girl time or should I do my scheduled … Continue reading

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Hidden Trails and Grilled Pineapple

Tonight I went for a run on my normal route through town and the park near our house. I have run this route probably a hundred times in the past year, but for some reason today I noticed a dirt … Continue reading

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I won something, a plank challenge and toffee banana bread

First of all, let me just tell you I WON something today!! I’ve never won a giveaway so I was sooooo excited to find out I won some CordSkinz from Salt! I love her blog and was so excited to … Continue reading

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5 Month Wedding Countdown!

I woke up today and realized I’m getting married in 5 MONTHS. My first thought was, I’M SO EXCITED and my second thought was I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. I’ve been pretty successful at sticking to my checklist and … Continue reading

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Long Run Sunday and the Weekly Recap

This weekend was filled with lots of fun family time and rest… and wine slushies… and sangria. Dixie had LOTS of play time with her cousin Snuffy… I’ll consider this her speed workout for the week because they did some serious … Continue reading

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Fun things Friday!!

Yesterday I took Dixie for a walk and then did 5 miles @ 8:37 pace on the treadmill because I really really wanted to watch Nashville. Dixie will forgive me. Awkward moment: I didn’t realize my flash was on so … Continue reading

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Random Wednesday Thoughts, Pranks, and my Running Favorites!

Today is a rest day, so let me entertain you with some non-running random thoughts. My Chick-fil-a bag was speaking to me today at lunch, telling me to “It’s Okay to Stop” when you’re full… What does that mean? Eat … Continue reading

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