The Best Stories from Boston

I love everything about the day of the Boston Marathon: watching the coverage, checking the weather every 5 minutes, tracking people you know who are running. It’s just such an exciting day. What I really love are the stories that come out days later.. the stories about the ordinary people who do something extraordinary. So today I want to share with you my favorite stories from this year’s Boston Marathon.

1. Katherine Beiers. She was the oldest finisher at 82 years old. She ran a 5:53 marathon while wearing two trash bags to keep herself dry. And she drafted other runners to help with the wind. Coolest grandma ever.



2. The proposal. Amy and Dan ran the marathon together as boyfriend and girlfriend and finished as an engaged couple. Dan enlisted friends to hold signs throughout the last 1.5 miles of the course. They read:

    • Amy, you’ve changed my life
    • We’ve been through it all
    • From Boston–(Kaya!)
    • To DC–(M Street!)
    • To New York–(Cramped Studio!)
    • To Philadelphia–(Talula’s Garden!)
    • …and back
    • There’s a lot we have left to learn
    • But I know one thing for sure
    • I love you, and will love you, forever
    • You’re the answer to all my questions
    • But I have one question left to ask…

And then he proposed at the finish line. Sheesh. Getting down on one knee is probably not that easy after finishing 26.2 miles.




3. (my favorite) The Beer Story. This one starts in 2014. In last year’s marathon, Dave Emilio was approaching the 10 mile mark and was about ready to quit. He was hurting bad and knew his race was over. Someone in the crowd cheered him on and Dave stopped and said he was ready to quit. Then he asked the cheering man if he could have one of his beers. Danny Langan agreed and shared a beer with this complete stranger struggling through the Boston Marathon. Danny had agreed to give Dave a ride since he said he was done, but told him he would have to meet him farther up the street. Dave started running up the street (with what he later found out was a torn muscle) and started feeling better. He kept going and ended up finishing the marathon. This is the picture they took together in 2014:



This year, Dave was determined to find Danny again and continue their mile 10 beer tradition. He studied the photo he had taken at last year’s marathon and used Google maps to find a house that looked similar to the one in the photo. He wrote a letter to that house and addressed it to “My Boston Beer Buddy.” He had the right house. Danny got the letter, found Dave on Facebook, got connected, and ended up sharing a beer with him at this year’s marathon. Here is their 2015 picture. If you have time, read the whole story. It’s just the best. I love when beer brings people together 🙂



Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Any other good stories you have heard from the Boston marathon that I missed?

Any good race stories in general??

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16 Responses to The Best Stories from Boston

  1. Such an inspiring group of runners! Boston is a fabled race more so many reasons. Can’t wait to be a part of it next year.

  2. Suzy says:

    Awe, super cute stories! The engagement ones kinda ick me out because I’m jaded and cynical, but I totally love the other ones. Humans really can be a lovely bunch. My cool race story: my best friend/running buddy and I met because marathon photo got our bib numbers mixed up at the 2008 BMO Vancouver Marathon. So she got my photos and I got hers. We realized that we lived close to each other and she also mentioned that people had told her about me, that I’d be a good person to run with because we’re at the same pace. And now we’re inseparable!

  3. I like how you highlighted some of the coolest stories! I think it would be amazing to be able to qualify for Boston and reading about all of the amazing experiences makes it sound even better. I might need to improve my marathon PR though.. a 3:05 qualifying time is pretty rough. Thanks for sharing!

    • Maddie @ Dixie Runs says:

      You can totally do it. Mine would have to be 3:35… maybe in a few years. Gotta get my first one out of the way before I can start thinking about that!

  4. I love all of these stories! The grandma is amazing, the proposal was beautiful and the beer story is just plain cool. Love this so much!

  5. Kerry says:

    I love the beer story too! That’s pretty awesome. I gotta say though, that Grandma is definitely my favorite. I love it when I see old people kick serious butt. I wish my grandma were like that!

  6. Jason says:

    Great stories! I need a beer buddy for my races 🙂

  7. This is why I love runners. We are all crazy awesome idiots.

  8. Great stories!! That beer story gave me shivers! Yay for bromance, so heartwarming 🙂

  9. These stories are so great! I love the engagement story- what a great end to a marathon!

  10. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing these.

    I heard about the proposal one, but hadn’t heard about the signs. Too cute!

    And, the beer story! I love that! That’s so cool that they were able to continue the tradition.

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