A Not So Fun Treadmill Run

Thursday was just one of those days where I was making every excuse possible to not go to the gym. Even Thomas was making excuses, but we forced ourselves to go and then sat in the parking lot and contemplated it for another 5 minutes before actually walking inside.

It’s been SO hot here in NC, so this was my third night in a row on the treadmill. To make matters worse, when I walked into the gym someone was on MY treadmill. It’s mine because it holds my phone perfectly and avoids the glare from the windows so I can watch Hulu. I took this as another sign I should just go home and call it a day, but I found a less perfect treadmill and did a dreadful 3 miles. I did the first two at 8:50 pace and then wanted to be done so badly that I ran the last mile in 7:45. I felt totally fine physically, but my mind was somewhere else completely. Do you ever get like that? Like your body is totally into it but mentally you are just over it?

It didn’t help that Thomas was ready to go home after 20 minutes and was staring at me from across the gym and texting me asking me if we could leave (he ran out of pre-workout, which makes him grumpy). When we got home, I felt like putting as much effort into making dinner as I did my workout, so we had frozen pizza and taquitos, and it was actually kind of delicious.

Dixie had a nice long walk since she hasn’t gotten to run this week (no puppies on the treadmill unfortunately). Even when it’s 90 degrees outside this dog still likes to bury herself in the warm laundry as soon as I dump it on the bed.

FullSizeRender (47)

It should be obvious by now that I’m not in love with running ALL the time, and I won’t ever pretend that I am. However, I always feel better if I just suck it up and do my workouts… even if that means you all have to listen to me complain about them the next day Smile

Do you have off days every once in a while? Do you usually suck it up or skip your run?

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26 Responses to A Not So Fun Treadmill Run

  1. Yep, I definitely think we all have days like this. Sometimes its good to push through, but I also think its good to give yourself a break now and then! Usually I find that when Im really not feeling it, if I take a day or two off then I am more than ready to get back out there the next day.

  2. The heat and humidity have been rough in TN! I was just telling a girlfriend that I even wanted to walk during my last two runs. It’s hard to breathe!
    I’m being such a whiner…ha! I usually suck it up unless I’m injured.

    • Maddie says:

      NC has been bad too… I feel bad complaining about the heat after complaining about the cold all winter but that’s just what runners do 🙂

  3. Yes, yes, and yes I have days where I don’t want to be active at all! But I’ve also tried to force myself and like you said, it might not be the best feeling ever but at least I was active. A lot of times when I’m not feeling it i’ll do intervals or fartlek training to mix it up a little. Whatever works!

    • Maddie says:

      I think the lack of variety and constant treadmill running was getting to me! Mixing it up always helps.

  4. Sometimes, it feels like when DON”T I have an off day! But it is getting way better with nicer weather, let me tell you!
    In the words of T Swift. Shake that sh*t off.

  5. Transitioning into summer weather is always such a challenge, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! Or something like that 😉

    You know what I dislike more than someone being on MY treadmill? When someone is on my treadmill and they’re clearing just wasting time. One time this girl was on my treadmill just walking so slowly that she could mess with her hair AND dance to her music. Her boyfriend was running on the treadmill next to her, so I’m guessing she just tagged along to the gym with him… but she was clearly so uninterested.

    Okay, how did this comment turn into a tangent? I blame it on the cold medicine I’m talking! haha Have a great weekend!

  6. Jamie says:

    If I’m just not feeling it, I usually take it as a sign that I need a day off. I don’t like forcing myself to run just to run because that’s how I burn out. I think there’s a big difference between just not wanting to workout, and your mind/body telling you you NEED a break. I will usually try to start my workout, but if it’s not happening I call it quits. I usually find my next workout will be even better !

    Heat and humidity are brutal! It’s so funny how all of a sudden I now miss my sub zero runs? Haha. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  7. Suzy says:

    I SUCK IT UP! Know why? Because it builds up that mental muscle that needs to be strong not just for race day but for LIFE. I can’t count how many times I’ve needed to tap into that mental muscle group in order to pull through some huge stressful catastrophic lifey bullshit and when I do, I’m so glad that I pushed through those dreadful runs so that I’d have that sense of self efficacy when I need it. Sometimes it’s more badass to mentally push through a 3 mile run than it is to physically push through a 13 mile run.

    • Maddie says:

      I never thought about it that way, but you definitely need mental training as much as physical. And I would expect nothing less from you… I should just start asking What Would Suzy Do whenever I feel like I don’t want to run 🙂

  8. Karen says:

    I think it’s funny we all seem to have a favorite treadmill claimed as our own lol I have my spot, when I have to run in different throws me totally off. I have a run buddy who does what you did she will run crazy fast trying to get it over with lol
    I have off days all the time, but yes I still feel better knowing i did something! Summer is tough. It fuels like it drags on forever to me.

  9. Karen says:

    *to run in a different spot

  10. It seems like lately every other day is like this for me. Not necessarily because of the running itself, but because every one of my runs these days is 7-8 miles minimum, and it’s such a big time commitment.

    When I feel like this I suck it up, but it’s because I don’t really have a choice with marathon training. I can’t afford to miss 7 miles any given week. Sooooo glad I’m almost to taper!! I think it’s good for me, though. My willpower isn’t always so strong and back when I wasn’t training I skipped runs left and right. Like a commenter above said, this helps my mental muscle and is a good character builder. The way I like to think of it is: life is full of crappy things we don’t want to do but have to do anyway, and this is good practice for me in just sucking it up and getting it done.

    Of course, with all that said, if you are actually feeling burnt out and physically exhausted/hurt/sick, then it is crucial to take the day off. But it sounds like from what you said that you were physically fine just not mentally feeling it – we’ve all been there! You can do it!!

    • Maddie says:

      Your taper is going to be GLORIOUS! I can’t believe your marathon is just three weeks away.. so exciting. And I totally agree that some excuses are actually good excuses (like being sick/hurt) and some are just BS and you need to suck it up (like me yesterday).

  11. Yep, I totally had this day today. I was exhausted and I just wanted to go back to bed. My 8 miles didn’t feel physically bad, but mentally they were long, long miles. But, I just suck it up because there are times in a race when I just don’t want to be running anymore. And because I know there will be coffee waiting for me afterwards 🙂

  12. Off days always happen! It’s always harder towards the end of a training cycle. I feel like it always happens when I have a particularly longer-than-normal run to do mid-week. I remember there was a Wednesday I had to run 11 miles at 5 am and it was 20* out and I was not stoked about it. Good for you for sucking it up and getting it done though! It’s only 10am here and I’m already planning on how I can not cook dinner tonight, so I understand that feeling completely.

  13. Polly says:

    Off days definitely happen! Most often when I push through, I usually feel great afterwards. However, with that being said, some days when I can’t mustard the energy, the rest usually does me good. Off days are definitely challenging days mentally and physically!

    Love that you claim a treadmill at the gym….. I do that too! 🙂

  14. Fallon says:

    Off days are rough, particularly when they are on a treadmill. For some reason treadmill running always seems harder to me . That’s usually when I use the 2 mile rule, if it still sucks 2 miles in and skipping won’t hurt my training then I call it. Rather miss the miles than push and get hurt or something because it wasn’t my day. Your next runs will be better!

  15. Girl, you’re human! We all have our off days. 🙂 I don’t love running everyday, and to be honest, if I did, it would just get boring.

    I had an off-day Friday night. My mom had surgery earlier this week and I’ve been spending my time helping her out and being her ‘babysitter”. After she went to bed Friday night, my boyfriend and I went to the gym. I would have totally been fine skipping it, but I knew he really wanted to go.

    I just kind of trudged through my workout, and wasn’t feeling it at all. I decided early on I was going to skip a run at the end of my workout, but forced myself to at least do something. I did a mile on the treadmill, and while it’s not much, I was happy I did it.

  16. Um, yes. I have runs like that all the time. Sometimes it gets better as I run, sometimes I just feel mentally checked out for the whole run. Those are never fun runs, but I’m always glad I did something!

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