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The Heat is Here

It was 5-5-15 on Tuesday so I really wanted to do 5 miles just because it was the day of 5’s. Well, my plan didn’t really work out. I went to the greenway after work and after about 2 miles … Continue reading

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Dixie Goes Running & What I’ve Learned So Far

After doing my longest run ever Sunday (14 miles), my legs were feeling a little stiff & tight yesterday. I decided to take Dixie for a short, slow run to loosen up so I could do some good stretching. We … Continue reading

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I Ran a Half Marathon!

I’m one of those people that likes to be over prepared, so with my first half marathon two weeks away I decided I wanted to go ahead and run a half marathon yesterday. Before this run my longest distance was … Continue reading

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Helloooooo Weekend!

I’m so happy it’s Saturday. I’m also so happy because Friday was just one of those REALLY good days. I’m all hyped up so I’m going to tell you all about it. 1. I got a raise & promotion at work. … Continue reading

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