The Weird Post Race Week

This week has been weird. I’m just running to run… something I haven’t done in about 3 months. I took Monday off to rest after my half marathon Sunday, but got in a 3.5 mile run Tuesday and 3 miles on Wednesday. It feels really strange to just run whatever distances I want.

The Richmond marathon is 6 months away, so I don’t need to start any sort of training plan right away, but I want to keep building mileage. I don’t want to lose any motivation, so I’m really glad Janae posted this on her blog a few days ago. This should keep me running until marathon training starts:


I have my first wedding dress fitting on Saturday, so that’s another reason to keep running this week! Lord knows I can’t diet so I just have to keep exercising. How could I turn this down?? (last night’s dinner, first serving)


Some people would call that a salad and might even call it healthy, but it’s really just a pile of bacon and cheese with some lettuce underneath – just the way I like it.

Do you have a favorite marathon training plan that you follow?

Do you count your calories or follow a special diet?

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28 Responses to The Weird Post Race Week

  1. For my first few marathons I found plans online to follow. In 2013 I used Hanson’s marathon method, and for last year’s marathon I made my own plan after becoming a certified coach. It was nice to be able to personalize my plan to what works best for me!
    I am so over the days of dieting and calorie counting. I eat as healthy as I can but also indulge, and of course running helps to keep everything in check.

    • Maddie says:

      I think I will definitely personalize whatever plan I choose, but it’s nice to have a guide to go by. That’s awesome that you are a certified coach!!

  2. If you think this post race week is weird, wait until the one after your full marathon!

    I don’t have a “favorite” plan per se because this is only my second time training for a marathon, but so far I really like the one I’m doing: it’s my tweaked version of the Hansons plan. It emphasizes cumulative fatigue – I run 5 days in a row to get my body used to running on tired legs. It’s not a full Hansons plan, but people swear by the cumulative fatigue methodology so I hope it works! I’ll be doing something a little different for marathon #3 this fall, so stay tuned! Haha.

    I don’t diet or count calories. I try to eat clean and healthy and avoid bad stuff but I’m not too hard on myself if I don’t always succeed. If I want junk food, I have it. I have a hard enough time sticking with my exercise routine sometimes, I can’t imagine trying to stick with a diet too. LOL.

    • Maddie says:

      I can only imagine how that will feel!! Cumulative fatigue makes perfect sense and sounds like a good training technique. They should come up with a better name though because that just makes me tired thinking about it..

  3. Suzy says:

    I didn’t follow any sort of marathoning plan for years! I’d run each day for therapy and then whenever I’d decide to run a marathon, I would do my last 20-23 miler three weeks out from race day. Once I wanted to really get fast I ended up buying the book “Advanced Marathoning” and I found it to be really helpful. The Yasso 800s were the one thing that brought my marathon time down. But they’re NOT for a first marathon!!!

    • Maddie says:

      Eventually I want to get faster, but you know I’m just trying to get through this first one without dying 🙂 I feel like you can totally get by without following a formal plan… most of them are pretty much the same format anyway.

  4. Cheryl says:

    I am not a dieter, or calorie counter. I try my best to eat healthy, and indulge too!
    I liked the last marathon plan I used, from Runner’s World, and will use it again when I officially start training on 6/20!
    I am having a weird post race week too–giving myself a break, doing a lot of gardening…

    • Maddie says:

      I looked into that one but couldn’t bring myself to pay for it when there are so many free ones out there. I’ll be starting my training around the same time as you! Can’t wait to follow along.

      • I actually paid for the Runner’s World plan for my first marathon, and I thought it was worth the money. I wouldn’t pay for it again, but since I was a first timer and didn’t know what I was doing the $30 seemed like money well spent to get a plan laid out for me that also included tips and guidance.

        It was definitely a beginner’s plan – easy, low peak mileage, minimal speed work, easy schedule. It’s not a plan for someone with a time goal in mind, but it isn’t designed to be. It got me across the finish line, although I’m sure I could have done as well on a free plan. I did come away feeling like I could have challenged myself a bit more, however.

  5. Jamie says:

    I started making my own marathon plan from scratch before I ran Chicago. It was going to be my fourth marathon so I figured I had a general idea of what worked best for me. I ended up dropping 16 minutes from my previous PR and have just gone with making my own plan since! And LOL I definitely do not diet. I try to be “aware” of what I’m eating, but I find that avoiding foods only make me eat more because I end up not eating what I want.

    • Maddie says:

      Everyone is different so I feel like you have to make adjustments no matter what. You obviously knew what you were doing if you got a 16 minute PR.. that’s awesome! I also try to be aware of the french fries and pizza that I stuff into my mouth but I don’t like to count that high so I avoid the calorie situation… and I totally agree with you about avoiding foods that you want. Every time I have ever tried to cut something out of my diet I end up eating 5x more of it after I haven’t eaten it for a few weeks!

  6. The donut chart cracked me up!
    I don’t count calories. I’m always a vegetarian, and I try to eat mostly whole foods.

  7. Scooter says:

    Hanson’s Marathon Method definitely works …. but it’s a lot of work. It really emphasizes training for the LAST 16 miles of the race, rather focusing on the FIRST 20 miles, like most training methods do. Hence, most runners “hit the wall” at 20 miles. Hanson’s longest run is 16 miles but it comes after a 10 mile day (sometimes two 10 mile days). You’ll definitely feel “cumulatively fatigued” but in the end you’ll have a great race and will finish strong!!

  8. Mmmm, donuts are good running motivation!

  9. I’m going to be following the Hansons plan for my first marathon, and I start it in about ten day! If you do Hansons, I really recommend reading the book beforehand – there’s some great tips in there on how to adjust the schedule to your own life or take up the long runs to 17 or 18 miles.
    I don’t count calories or follow any particular diet. I eat lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, but I let myself have beer, donuts, and bacon. I didn’t diet at all for my wedding – in fact I probably ate more sweets than usual, since I was testing out recipes for the cupcakes I baked for the reception.

    • Maddie says:

      I can’t wait for the food testing!!! I think that will probably be my favorite part of planning 🙂

  10. I don’t try to diet anymore. I love pizza, cheese, donuts, cake (and I’m obviously hungry right now). But I do try to eat healthier during the week with usually one splurge day on the weekend. I just can’t help myself.
    I’m glad I’m reading about these marathon training plans. I will have to start my plan not long after my half this weekend!!

    • Maddie says:

      Cheese <3 <3 <3

      So it sounds like you are committing to the marathon! I know you were kind of unsure about it. You're gonna do great!!

  11. Do I count my calories?! Nope! 😉 I just “try” to eat healthy. It doesn’t always work out.

    And, I am totally going to use that donut chart! That’s gonna come in handy! I was actually bribing my friend earlier this week with cheesecake on our run- just the thought of cheesecake, that is.

  12. Karen says:

    Isn’t it kind of cool to just run whenever, and as long or short as want?! That’s the fun part of not training 🙂
    My husband thinks that the perfect salad lol
    The donut chart did make me laugh. I count calories because I am old lol you have no worries right now..old is a long way off!

  13. It’s weird to just run for fun, isn’t it? I love it though. It’s nice to have a break after training for months. Enjoy it!

    Love the donut chart 🙂 I don’t count calories – it makes me more nuts than I already am!

  14. Haha regardless of whether it’s a salad or not it sure looks awesome! I try to eat intuitively and listen to my body and how full I feel. It works for me 🙂 I never follow a running plan other than a general sort of one long run every week and one interval run every week alongside the regular runs. I can imagine it would feel weird to go back to no plan after following one for so long though!

  15. Charissa says:

    Yay for no pressure running! I love running the week or two after a big race when you can relax and just run whatever 🙂
    I don’t diet or count calories. I hate obsessing over the little things. I just try to generally eat healthy and when I feel like it I have a good treat (Note: I usually have a treat like once a day! haha). I also try to think of eating as fueling my running and that’s how I’m able to keep it pretty healthy. I run in the evening and my stomach can be a little testy so I have to watch what I eat until after my run.

  16. Polly says:

    I tend to use Hal Higdon training plans. Of course, I have only ran half marathons so far. If all stars align, maybe a full will happen Mar 2016—- maybe….

  17. I like having a coach put together a custom plan for me. It just takes all the thinking out of the whole planning part which I like. I’ve heard such good things about the RW plans though, and the Hal Higdon plans too!

  18. I love long run days because that means time to carb up the night before. I try to limit carbs when I’m not running long though so I always look forward to the treat.

  19. Pippa says:

    I love the donut running sheet! Great motivation. I’ll be giving it a go after my next 10k 😀

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