A Little Optimism and a Good Sign

I’ve felt like I really have had close to nothing to talk about the past 18 days since I haven’t been running. I haven’t felt motivated to write anything and I’ve been so frustrated that I’ve kept myself away from blogging since I want this to be a happy place. No one wants to read about someone complaining every day.

You guys left so many great comments on my post last week and you’ve helped me gain a new perspective on this injury. First of all, I’ve realized that it’s not the end of the world and the Richmond marathon in November is still a very real possibility. Secondly, I’ve tried to see the silver lining in all of this. This could give me a much needed chance to miss running and help me to appreciate it more and in a different way.

As I ease back into running this week (1.5 pain free miles last night!!), I feel like I’m going to think about it in a whole new way. I know I’m not going to be able to pick up training where I left off, but I’m going to try to appreciate just being able to run instead of getting frustrated after at mile or two. Injuries take time and patience, two things I’m running out of but that I need if I want to avoid making this worse.

Since I’m trying to focus on more positive things, I’m getting married in 12 DAYS! Sorry but I’m going to give you a countdown pretty much every day now.

This past weekend we took Dixie and headed up to the lake with some friends for one last relaxing weekend before the last minute craziness begins. Dixie had a great time swimming and sitting on her dad.

FullSizeRender (31)
She swims really well without a life jacket, but she gets too close to the edge of the boat and I have to put ot in her for my own sanity. She also loves riding in the UTV. She closes her eyes for pictures just like her dad.

FullSizeRender (30)

Monday night I did a 15 minute warm up on the stair stepper, did plenty of stretching and foam rolling, and was able to run 1.5 pain free miles on the treadmill! The good news is that I don’t feel any different cardio wise. It was only 1.5 miles, but I felt really normal, which makes me feel hopeful that my cross training has kept me in shape. Towards the end of my run I felt my IT band getting really tight and I knew the knee pain was coming next, so I slowed to a walk and called it a night. It’s really hard for me to not get excited and do too much, but I’m trying to practice some self control here.

During my warm up a sweet older lady was on the stair stepper next to me and tapped me on the shoulder to ask me what level I had mine set on. When I told her I was on 10 her jaw dropped and she told me how impressed she was. I told her she should start on level 3 or 4 and throw in 1 minute increases until she feels comfortable and she can eventually work her way up. She said no way, that she would never be able to do that. It was a good reminder that my body is still strong and that I can still do things that are really hard for other people, even if I’m injured. I worry about relying on cross training to keep my fitness up, but that sweet lady gave me a little extra reassurance that what I’m doing is challenging, and it’s definitely better than sitting around doing nothing. As she limped away, I thought that maybe she’s injured too, and maybe I gave her a little bit of motivation to work towards a new goal. Then, as I was leaving the gym I saw this pretty little guy.

FullSizeRender (32)

I’ll take it as a good sign!

Do you get impatient/frustrated during an injury or do you try to find the silver lining?

Are you an optimist?

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20 Responses to A Little Optimism and a Good Sign

  1. It is definitely hard to not get impatient and frustrated when recovering from an injury. But I used my recovery time to really appreciate my rest time, the extra time I had to spend with my family and the opportunity to focus on other things I love (like yoga). Finding a silver lining is super important or you’ll go crazy! I think you are doing a great job being positive:)
    I also love Dixie’s life jacket! So cute!

  2. Suzy says:

    I’m a realist. I make my brain go to the worst case scenario so that I can be mentally and emotionally prepared but then I work toward and live like it’s going to be the best outcome. You’re strong, Maddie. This injury won’t beat you.

  3. I love that little rainbow at the end of your day!

    I just took an entire week off running and honestly, it was great for me. It’s amazing how much of my entire life got neglected and forgotten when I was obsessed with running all the time. All we can really do in any situation is keep moving forward. Stressing about a reality isn’t going to change it or make it go away faster, it’s only going to drive me crazier. And as much as it sucks, the fact is, that you won’t know how this will affect your marathon performance until you run the marathon. Many people are surprised to find themselves rejuvenated from variety and extra down time and perform better than they ever thought possible. Just keep doing the best you can, and living the day your’e in. You’ve got a long running story ahead of you; this is but one chapter.

  4. Taylor says:

    It is so hard to stay positive during an injury! Especially when you’re feeling really good about your workouts and then you get injured and feel like you have to start all over.
    I try to remind myself that it’s time to really rest my body and do things that I love that involve resting like reading, taking bubble baths, and yoga. All things that sometimes I don’t get enough (or any) time to do because I’m so focused on making time for my workouts.

  5. I have a difficult time seeing the silver lining through an injury but usually I can stay somewhat positive. At least enough to do the things I need to do to get healthy.
    Your wedding is getting SO close!!!

  6. Jamie says:

    I am a total butt when I’m injured. I wish I was all sunshine and roses but it’s so easy for me to get down and frustrated. When I got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease I had to learn to accept that there are going to be times where I physically can’t run, and it wouldn’t be safe for my body to go through that much additional stress. While it was a long adjustment period, I’ve totally learned to appreciate my body for what it CAN do. I love your positive attitude and you’re very smart to listen to your body and stop when things are still feeling ok. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and holy cow 12 days!!!! So close 🙂

  7. The getting better but not healed yet is just as difficult as the initial injury, and often requires even more patience! Not overdoing it as you come back is also so, so difficult. Good luck! And woooohooo for getting so close!

  8. Karen says:

    The rainbow is great and you have lots of good things happening!
    It is normal to feel worried and frustrated when you are out, I have been there. Keep cross training and try to ease into the those first few runs, it’ll be back quicker than you think 🙂
    I was in a boot for five weeks, swimming and cycling, and was still able to enjoy running the Princess half 🙂 I didn’t run as fast as I wanted, but i loved every minute of it. You can still make Richmond happen! Hang in there 😉

  9. I’m a silver lining person. I read a Colbert interview this morning where he talked about bad things actually being gifts, and that’s exactly what an injury can be – a gift in disguise that reminds us just how awesome running is and gives us that extra nudge to take care of our bodies (something everyone needs!). YAY on 1.5 pain-free miles and double YAY on getting married in 12 days – September weddings are the best, to speak from personal experience. 🙂

  10. Amy Lauren says:

    I learned a lot when I was injured. It sucked and I wouldn’t wish injury on anyone, but now that I’ve been there I empathize with my injured friends more and try to check on them and make sure they are okay. There’s a big emotional toll and I don’t think non-runners or non-athletes always realize that. I had to find new ways to relieve stress (obviously, no running) and also felt a little disconnected from friends because all my friends run or work out too. I’m glad things are getting better for you and you can do stair stepper and can hopefully run Richmond, fingers crossed. You have many years ahead of you to run.

  11. What a sweet old lady! Small encouragements are always the best! 🙂 The stair stepper is a killer, I’m sure you’ll find your fitness will be in much better shape than you’re expecting!

  12. I’m a realist….which is often misconstrued as a pessimist. I see the good and bad I’m things, but I’ll admit that I’m trying to look at more silver linings.
    12 days!! I can’t imagine the excitement. I’m 381 days or something like that, and am super excited!

  13. Jason says:

    I used to be the WORST pessimist. I’ve gotten a lot better. Now I’m about 50/50. I’m going to keep working on it 🙂

  14. Being injured sucks. But it sounds like you are doing everything you can to come back healthy and strong. Keep at it, Maddie! You’re going to get there! And I love that rainbow 🙂

  15. Kristina says:

    Soooo happy to hear about the pain free 1.5 mile run! 🙂

    Dixie is so adorable. I love the picture of her sitting on your very soon-to-be husband!!!! 12 days!!

  16. I’m glad you’re getting better and I’m sure you’ll be 100% in no time! Until then stay patient! And ohmygosh only 12 days until the wedding?!? SO EXCITING!!!

  17. I fall somewhere in the middle of the optimism/pessimism spectrum. I don’t think either would be an accurate description of me. I guess it just depends on the situation and what is realistic. I’m so glad you’re getting pain free running in! At least you have the wedding to look forward to and to help take your mind off of everything! Can’t wait to share all the exciting stuff coming up with you! 🙂

  18. Way to go on the 1.5 miles! I know it’s not what you wanted, but it just takes time.

    I think you have a great perspective on the whole situation. When I had to take time off for my injury, it really did help me to appreciate running. I missed it and it gave me that extra boost to really know that it’s something I love to do.

  19. I’m an optimist for everyone else! But great perspective! Listening to your body is key!

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