IT band update and non-running things that are keeping me happy

THANK YOU once again for all of your great advice and injury stories. You guys make me feel so much better and what is so amazing to me is not only how many runners deal with this injury but how different it is for everyone.

I’m definitely getting better. I’ve been hitting up the stair stepper at the gym because I feel like it does a good job getting my heart rate way up and working my legs better than the elliptical. I just can’t do the bike. I can’t.

I’ve been icing, massaging, stretching and foam rolling A LOT. I’ve even bruised myself a little bit, but don’t worry I stop when it gets too painful…

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I’ve been using the stick, my rumble roller and a golf ball to get to the little concentrated knots that I’ve been finding. Along with stretching and my strengthening exercises I’ve seen a lot of improvement, but I still haven’t been able to really run. I feel like this nifty K Tape has helped a lot too.

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My test runs have gotten longer and longer before I start to feel pain. I’m up to about a half mile before I have to stop. Right when I stop the pain is really intense, but goes away within a few minutes of walking. A week ago this pain would have lingered way longer and I would have had to stop my workout completely. Now I can switch to another machine or lift weights and not feel any pain.

I’m remaining optimistic that I’ll be able to jump back into training in time for the Richmond marathon in November, but unfortunately I don’t know when I’ll be able to run more than 5 minutes, and you can’t train for a marathon on the stair stepper.

I’ve heard great things about pool running as a cross training exercise, so I think that’s next on my list of things to try.

In other news, I think Dixie is actually a cat. She likes to lay on the very edge of the top of our couch. Maybe she just likes to watch over us…

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In other other news, we’re getting married in 19 DAYS!!!! Which also means it’s almost my birthday AND almost time to go on our honeymoon in Mexico AND almost football season.

Last night I had a nightmare that I missed my fantasy football draft and woke up sweating. I keep forgetting that you guys don’t know what I’m like during football season. I’ll try my best to keep this from turning into an NFL/fantasy football blog. Gooooooo Steelers Smile

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Football fans – who is your team? If you like the Ravens I will judge you.

Ever tried pool running? I’m scared to go to our gym pool by myself so I think I’m going to make Thomas come with me.

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28 Responses to IT band update and non-running things that are keeping me happy

  1. That Steelers tee is so cute!! I like the Steelers but I have to admit my #1 team is right here in Wisconsin. GO PACK GO!!!

    (I LOL’d at that Ravens comment. So true. Hehe)

    Glad to hear you are getting better! Just keep working hard. I’ve heard stories of people who have pulled off pretty decent marathons without running much (well, they cross trained their faces off of course). Aqua jogging is probably the best at simulating actual running, but it is pretty boring.

    When you stop running on your test runs, do you abruptly stop and start walking? If so, that may be why you feel the sharp pain when you stop running. Maybe try gradually decelerating into a walk to ease the shock?

    • Maddie says:

      Well hey the Packers are a good team to be a fan of. Except for when they beat us in the Super Bowl in 2011 but we don’t have to go there 🙂

      I thought about that last night because I had to literally jump off the treadmill. I couldn’t even wait for it to slow down because the pain just came on all of a sudden. Once I got it down to a walking pace I jumped back on and walked for about 10 minutes until the pain went away completely. The pain starts while I’m running but get worse when I stop, so I’ll try to just slow it down more gradually instead of freaking out and jumping off when I try today.

  2. Glad you are on the mend and keeping my fingers crossed that you can continue your marathon training!!
    I have never been huge into football but my boyfriend’s roommate is and its on anytime I go over! I also love the Super Bowl parties…. Because how can you not?;)

    • Maddie says:

      I love Super Bowl parties too! When the Steelers are in the super bowl I usually have to watch by myself. But when it’s anyone else I love to eat all the food and actually enjoy the game without any stress!

  3. Suzy says:

    You are just so cute! xoxo There. Did I suck up enough to you to now tell you I don’t care about football? Ha ha! I’m sorry. It IS different up here though. We’re hockey freaks. And also… I’ve never tried pool running but my amazingly gifted runner friend Lora swears by it. She was off running for months but her pool running allowed her to jump right back out onto the road as if nothing happened. It’s worth a try!

  4. So glad to hear your runs are getting longer! Hang in there – being injured is the worst form of torture to a runner, but you’ll be stronger in the end. (Speaking from experience!) I’m so excited for the season to start – I’m a Chargers fan, but since the boyfriend and I moved in together I’ve been cheering for the Bills too… It’s a dark day in our household when the teams meet though!

  5. Glad to hear your runs are getting a bit longer- hang in there!
    I am a Packer fan all the way! I was born and raised here in WI so its a given ;-). Really looking forward to the season as well! That’s awesome you partake in fantasy football!

  6. Taylor says:

    Glad to hear that you’re starting to feel better each day! I’m known to push injuries aside and keep training but after furthering an injury once by doing that I have learned my lesson that listening to your body is a much better idea!
    I’m a huge Packers fan! I love football season and I seriously have been counting down the days!

  7. I would definitely recommend pool running! I think it would help out a lot and help your body retain the muscle memory.

    I can’t believe your wedding is just around the corner. Maybe I will have my baby on the same day! ☺ Where in Mexico are you honeymooning? You have a lot to look forward to… enjoy every moment!

    Fantasy football = YES!!!! I am obsessed and will likely mention it in every post on my blog. Haha. I won my league last year, so I am last in the draft order this year (boo). Our draft date is set for September 1, so I’m really hoping the baby doesn’t make a surprise arrival that day – otherwise I’ll be drafting while in labor. Haha!

    Go Seahawks. 😉

  8. Amy Lauren says:

    I love your Steelers shirt. I’m really not an NFL girl (I like college football- go Gamecocks!), but I am in a fantasy league this year. I just do that for fun though. I don’t really have an NFL team.

    Glad you’ve found the stairstepper and are getting some workouts in!

  9. Hollie says:

    Your wedding is really sneaking up!

    I have run multiple races coming back from injury. I’ve done really well too…in fact I PRed in college in a 6k after not running for about 2 months (at all). I do recommend getting a deep tissue massage on your IT band, it will work wonders!

  10. I’m equally obsessed with fantasy football and the Steelers so I have a feeling I will be commenting on a lot of your blog posts this fall

  11. I have a pool running belt that I’ll sell you! It’s purple 😀 But pool running is great, I just have decided that I like to do laps more, lol.

  12. I hear you on not being able to do the bike! It’s just too boring if it’s not outside. I’m glad to hear your test runs are getting longer – that is a good sign!
    Charlie creeps on the sofa like that also, especially at our last apartment where there was a window behind our sofa.
    I’m nominally a Seahawks fan, but only because I’m scared of what will happen if I tell anyone out here that I don’t watch football.

  13. As a Bears fan that’s lived in Bengals and now Broncos territory, I get you girl.

    IT band issues are the worst. My PT helped A LOT, though it definitely caused some bruising, too. Sounds like you’re handling these issues in the best way possible. Looking forward to the foam roller helping out! It’s somewhat difficult to remember, but make sure to keep up foam rolling and stretching in the long run. It will absolutely make a difference! Good luck 🙂

  14. Girl, you are my FAVORITE for that Steelers shirt. There was a guy in my group who was a Ravens fan, and we always trashed his cube with black and gold streamers and balloons when they played each other. I judge people for liking them as well 😉

    You’re doing such a good job taking care of your injury! Hope that it feels better soon so you can enjoy your wedding and honeymoon! How exciting 🙂

  15. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that you’re injured. It sounds like you’re staying positive and I highly recommend pool running! Plus, you’re almost a married lady!! That’s so exciting 🙂

  16. I cannot wait for football season. Derek and I got so excited about the 1st quarter of the preseason game last week. I’m a die hard Bills fan…Let’s go Buffalo!! It’s always our year…you know? Rex Ryan is still on my not sure list though…
    And 19 days… exciting!!!!!!!

  17. Allison says:

    Pool running is where it’s at. I trained for the 2011 Boston Marathon in a pool and broke 4 hours. Literally could not run until about two weeks before the marathon! Keep up the good work and the rehab. You’ll be back in no time!

  18. Fallon says:

    Your wedding is so close- how exciting! Sorry to hear you are still hurting though. That’s no good. Your dedication to keeping up the cross training is awesome however. I don’t follow football but cute shirt!

  19. Aww I hope all that foam rolling pays off asap girl!! Running is my sanity haha. In New Zealand we are waaaay more obsessive about rugby (cos we are the best 😉 ) so I get what you’re on about in that way! 🙂

  20. I’m the worst pool runner ever. When my best friend had a stress fracture we did pool running alot. For some reason I end up going in circles when I run in the pool. It is a good workout though! I definitely recommend going with someone though because it can get a bit boring! Good luck! Sending positive thoughts to your IT band! 🙂

  21. Jenna says:

    Ok, I’m this may sound a bit crazy, BUT I just stumbled upon your blog and read this sentence of yours…

    “In other other news, we’re getting married in 19 DAYS!!!! Which also means it’s almost my birthday AND almost time to go on our honeymoon in Mexico AND almost football season. ”

    And I think we may be the same person ;). I just got married in July, my birthday is in two weeks, we went to Mexico on our honeymoon AND I love love love football season! 🙂

    • Maddie says:

      I love it!!! My birthday is on the 10th, opening day and my Steelers are playing.. couldn’t really be more perfect 🙂 And we will be at the Valentin Imperial Maya in Riviera Maya.

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